Racing quad-copter zooming through structures and performing aerobatics

145 High Speed Racer quadcopter speed runs and aerobatics

Via the grainy racing high-speed FPV goggle screen, on-screen display of GPS position, direction, and other flight data is visible. Drone data is also visible, like fly by instrument status, distance from home battery levels, and flight time. Our pilot sees what the racing drone sees through this high-speed direct video feed. Customers can also see in real time what the camera sees and can direct the pilot what to view.

The pilot performs manual rolls/flips with no auto correction, racing through structures at speed, using only manual control (GPS aids cannot work under cover). The pilot is presented with full flight data at the end of the video.


  • High speed control. flight skills with no electronic aids.
  • Camera. Technology.
  • Experience. Drone racing.
  • Quadcopter. Flight.