Beginning at $85/hour Andaman Drone Art represents a quick, safe, low-risk, and affordable solution for you when it comes to capturing and editing truly cinematic images.
Our pilots are technically proficient with drone technology and very experienced in operating them. Within the metro are they can travel on a motorbike with all equipment in a backpack. All their time can be spent on the job and the results delivered using Google Drive.

Andaman Drone Art is a lean operation. All these features make a quality drone and camera an ideal platform for many purposes. There are many videos on the site designed to show of the benefits described above. They have been group under these Services some of which may be of specific interest to you:
Asset Inspections, Real Estate, Social Events, Farming and Industry, Construction, Tourism, Cinematography
Technology, Experience
In case you think that drones can only fly high, here is one Chasing Dirt Cars where they get low down and dirty.
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