Windy conditions drone is completely steady

This is a composite of videos taken from different perspectives has been edited together by the pilot. The pilot sits on the cliffs, flying the drone above the surrounding suburbs and water to look down on the Cerebus itself. A jet ski can be seen cutting the surface of the green water, while a kayak potters around the wreck.

In the past, these shots would be challenging to capture, but it is an easy task for the drone.

Even though the surface of the water is rippling,the drone is completely steady as it passes above the Cerebus, creating the impression that the sunken boat is moving through the cool turquoise water.
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  • Drone Advantage. Multple perspectives.
  • Steady viewing platform. Sunken ship appears to move.
  • Creative focus. Turquoise greens of the sea contrast with the oranges and greens on land.
  • HMVS Cerebus built 1868. Scuttled war ship.
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