Construction – Low cost high quality video and images

Our highly experienced pilot and drones represent a quick, safe, low-risk, and affordable solution for your business when it comes to inspecting structures, critical assets, or reviewing the final product. We are able to fly in a considerable range of conditions to get up high and close to objects, fly into enclosed spaces, or observe the big picture from above.

The pilot and drones can identify objects and track them on the move or orbit 360 degrees about them while maintaining focus. The drone’s exact trajectory on a day can be repeated another day with GPS logging, which allows the progress of a project to be reviewed over time.The pilot can also supply the customer with an FPV headset to see what the pilot sees, allowing the customer to direct the pilot’s efforts.

Combine all this with 30 minutes hover time per battery pack (of which there are many), an 8 km range, 4K video and 20 MP photo capability, and our pilot of 20 years’ experience, we believe that we can provide the right solution for your needs.
Rooftop Inspections, Train and Quarry, Video around Melbourne

  • Get up close or see the big picture. Get close or move through structures, or view from above.
  • Fast, economical, and affordable. Single drone can capture everything.
  • Low risk . Does not require human access.
  • Real time client direction. FPV goggles to direct high quality video and image capture.