The DJI Mavic Pro 2 is a perfect drone for the professional inspection of high or remote and inaccessible roof tops, air conditioners and lights. They can get up close to inspect for correct installation, rust and other damage, without risking people walking on the roof. It is a safe, fast and cost-effective way to inspect and pinpoint areas of concern. Through First Person View (FPV) goggles the client can direct the pilot to pin-point areas for close up viewing. The drone can hover very still and zoom in to take images. Images and video is made available to the client using Google Drive. The pilot arrives at the client site, unpacks the drone and flies the drone using FPV googles – simple , fast and economical.

Drones can also produce a view from a planned balcony prior to it being actually built.

Real Estate

  • Fast and economical. Single drone can capture everything.
  • High quality video and images. High quality video and images.
  • Inaccessible and remote structures. Real time client direction.
  • Low risk. Does not require human access.
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